More prizes from Australian Powerball!

Changes happen all the time! What’s important is if those changes will be for the better or for the worse.

It is said that in Australian Powerball some changes are going to happen.  What are they? Well, you could win more prizes and the Powerball will include a big jackpot more often. However, the Australian Powerball ticket price might be increased, but we didn’t hear anything about it, yet.  Continue reading

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Brothers blew up their house after a $75,000 winning lottery ticket

Sometimes when you unexpectedly reach a higher level of wealth, knowing how to celebrate this beautiful part of life is indicated.

Two brothers how just won $75,000 on a lottery ticket, blew up their home. It was neither intentionally nor for fun. The consequences weren’t easy to take.

They caused this incident because they consumed marijuana and meth. That was their way of celebrating. One brother was sent to jail and the other in the hospital with second- degree burns on his hands, arms and chest. Continue reading

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Mystery winner of $ 217 unveiled!

We were talking last week about a mysterious person who bought a ticket from a strange place: the airport. However, when you forget to buy your regular ticket any place is good, even the airport. So, as we were saying someone bought that ticket last week and hit the jackpot! It could have been anyone from anywhere in the world. Who was he/ she? Continue reading

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29 co-workers win $1 million

I’m sure that all of you play the lottery. Some play regular using a lot of strategies, probabilities, methods, mathematic calculations and invest a lot of money in buying more tickets to increase their chances. Some prefer to buy a ticket a week or maybe one every two weeks, depending on their budget. Continue reading

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$217 M Powerball ticket has a winner

A few days ago I was telling you that Powerball has a very big prize. Well we have a winner for Wednesday night’s drawing. That person hit all five numbers (5, 27, 36, 38, 41) plus the Powerball (12). But we don’t know yet who that person is. And even though we know from where the ticket was bought, that doesn’t help us very much. Continue reading

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$208 million: Powerball Jackpot

“I’m ready to bring this win home to Florida!!  Come on Lady Luck, daddy needs some new shoes “this is the first post I found in one of the articles I read today. Get ready because another big prize is announced. Continue reading

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Bill for the Powerball lottery in Wyoming

As soon as possible the Poweball lottery will be everywhere in the world. Wyoming House is already in the process of advancing a bill by which lottery lovers could have access to their beloved game. This way, besides providing entertainment, they want to help people with small benefits increase their incomes. Continue reading

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The world’s biggest game ever

People from all over the world prepare yourselves for the biggest lottery game ever existing! It is said that the developers of Mega Million and Powerball games want to create a new lottery game for gamblinglovers. They want to introduce something new, more attractive, fresh and with bigger prizes. Continue reading

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Updates for online lottery game

Do you remember one of the previous articles about playing the lottery online? Well, some updates have shown up and I thought I should tell you more about it

It all depends on approval of a project, under a bill being filed on Beacon Hill. If the project passes Massachusetts Lottery players could purchase tickets and play lottery games online.

So they could launch the new version of lottery games after they figure out how to enforce online all the rules that have to be applied.

A very important aspect is that they have to find a way for tickets to be bought only by people who have already turned 18 years old. Furthermore the tickets must be limited to purchasers within Massachusetts.

If the law passes, the Massachusetts State Lottery Commission has to decide the price of tickets, the numbers to be played , how to select the winner, choose the prizes and how many drawings they will have.

For the moment, these are the only updates we have.  I will keep you posted with everything I find out. See you soon.

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Double jackpot from Wild Card 2 lottery game.

Dear lottery players from Idaho, Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota, here’s some information which I am sure you are very interested in.

If you are regular players of Wild Card 2 prepare yourselves for some changes. From Wednesday night Wild Card 2 becames more attractive.  Unfortunately there is also a bad side.

The bad news is that the game will be a little more difficult statistically speaking. You will have to choose 5 numbers out of 33 opposed to 31. However, the Wild Cards will be chosen from the same set of 16.

The good news is that the jackpot is bigger, and when I say bigger I mean double. If a few days ago the prize for the jackpot started from $100,000 now the starting jackpot is going to be $200,000. And the players who match all five numbers but not the Wild Card will also add to his/her prize $1,000 more. This means that the prize will be $6,000, instead of $5,000. The price of the card and the frequency of the game will remain the same, that is to say $1 for two plays and drawings every Wednesday and Saturday.

Remember the saying: smaller chances to win, bigger prizes. What will you choose? Let’s see how it works.

The jackpot for Wednesday’s drawing is $590,000.

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