Virginia Pick 3 Analysis

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You have to match a three-digit number. There are different play types: Exact Order – you can win up to $500, but only if you have the three digit-number exactly in the order drawn; Any Order – you can win $80 or $160 and you have to match the digits of your number in any order; Pick 3 Pairs – you will have to select two digits and their positions on a Pick 3 play slip and you will win if the Pick 3 number drawn has your pair in the exact same order and the exact same location that you played that pair. The options for the Pick 3 Pairs are: Front Pair, Back Pair and Split Pair. Other ways of playing Pick 3 are: wager $0.50 and you will win only half of the prize value; play 50/50 and split your wager; play Easy Pick and let the computer pick your numbers; play Combo – wager $1 on all exact-order combinations of a Pick 3 number. For Optional Plays you can select: Multi-Draw, Advance and/or Repeat.

Drawings: twice daily, seven days a week. Odds: from 1 in 100 (for Pairs Plays) to 1 in 1,000 (for Exact Order Play). Cost of tickets: $1.00 per play. Prizes: range from $40 to $500.

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